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Leave a Lasting Legacy

We believe it is important for your clients to leave a legacy, and part of that legacy is to be remembered long after they are gone.

With this in mind, Legacy Safeguard was created to help your client leave a lasting legacy and assist their family though some of the most difficult times in their life. Legacy Safeguard offers many legacy planning and end of life planning benefits designed to help protect your clients legacy. For a limited time your client can become a member in Legacy Safeguard, free of charge, by simply completing a Legacy Safeguard Enrollement Form!

Member Benefits:

  • Lecacy Planning Guide Software
  • Legacy Planning Archive
  • Estate Planning Attorney Locator
  • Free Living Will
  • Discounts on Estate Planning Legal Documents
  • Legacy Safeguard Advisors
  • Funeral Home Locator
  • End of Life Planning
  • Bereavement Travel Assistance
  • Grief Counseling Support
  • Discounts on Flowers, Gift Baskets & Other Celebration Items
  • Superior RxCard Walmart Prescription Drug Program
  • Free Family Legacy DVD

Turn-Key Marketing System

Legacy Safeguard not only offers comprehensive legacy planning and end of life planning services to members, we also provide advisors with a turn-key marketing system to help you meet with more clients and close more sales! Our comprehensive sales and marketing system includes:

  • Complete Referral System
  • Innovative Lead Programs
  • Comprehensive Marketing Guides
  • Client Presentation DVD Video
  • Smart Phone Premium Rate Calculators
  • Final Expense Estimating System
  • Legacy Safeguard University's Agent Training Website & much more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What does Legacy Safeguard cost my client?

Legacy Safeguard is a free membership for your clients. There are on costs to become a member. You simply enroll them with the Legacy Safeguard enrollment form, send that into Legacy Safeguard and they will become a member with you listed as the individual who provided this valuable service to them.

Question 2: What does Legacy Safeguard cost me the Agent?

Legacy Safeguard has no annual fees or dues for you the Agent. It is a turn-key sales and marketing system for you to use when you partner with specific marketing companies on specific products. You can get supplies from Premier when you get contracted at no cost. You can also order additional supplies such as brochures, enrollment forms etc online at LegacySafeguardUniversity.com free of charge. Some items such as folders, DVDs are sold for at cost pricing. But always check with your National Marketing Director regarding any special supply needs.

Question 3: What products can I use this with?

Legacy Safeguard has partnered with National Guardian Life, Monumental Life and United of Omaha, and only through specific independent marketing companies. When you work with Premier Planning you get unbridled access to Legacy Safeguard and can work with our team of National Marketing Directors to help you be successful and comfortable in using the systems.

Question 4: What if I don't sell an insurance policy?

Legacy Safeguard is free of charge to clients and there's no pressure for a policy to be sold. It is the intent of Legacy Safeguard to help you get more appointments, make more presentations and close more sales. If you are having trouble selling products and are only enrolling clients, we recommend that you speak with your National Marketing Director to help refine your presentation and close more sales.

Question 5: Is Legacy Safeguard a product?

Legacy Safeguard is not an insurance product. It is a service that helps members leave a lasting legacy and be remembered for generations to come. When you provide Legacy Safeguard membership to a client it acts like having a product in the home because of the tremendous value it brings. But it is not an insurance product.

Question 6: How do I get materials and supplies for Legacy Safeguard?

Initial supply kits are provided when you get contracted, but you can always speak with your National Marketing Director for details on getting additional supplies. Legacy Safeguard University is another great resource for you to browse, order or even download supplies that you need.