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Premier Planning and Legacy Safeguard have joined with one of the leading final expense life insurance companies in the nation, Transamerica Life Insurance Company, to create an industry leading final expense solution that will revolutionize the way you serve your clients!

This exclusive opportunity includes:

  • A Company Sponsored and Supported Lead Program

  • FREE Membership for clients in Legacy Safeguard - a complete Legacy Planning and End-of-Life Planning Membership Service

  • Competitive Commissions and Premiums

  • Easy to use, Cascading Application determines the product that can be offered

  • NO Point of Sale Interview and NO Height or Weight Questions

  • Ages 0 to 85 with $1,000 to $25,000 face amounts (LP99 and 10 Pay Life)

  • Preferred, Standard, Graded Death Benet, and 10 Pay Product Options

  • Accelerated Death Benet Riders available at no additional premium cost

  • And, an EXCLUSIVE Turn-Key Sales and Referral System with Legacy Safeguard!

The Legacy Safeguard comprehensive marketing system includes:

  • Complete Referral System
  • Innovative Lead Programs
  • Comprehensive Marketing Guides
  • Final Expense Estimating System
  • Legacy Safeguard University's Agent Training Website
  • And Much More!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: How does this compare to other Final Expense products?

Transamerica Life is an excellent product that has set the standard of final expense products in the marketplace. From underwriting to new business and even to quick commissions, Transamerica Life is an excellent solution for you and your clients.

Question 2: Is there a point-of-sale interview?

With the Transamerica Life product there are is not a point-of-sale interview. So you can avoid fumbling with the phone, handing it back and forth or speaking to an interviewer that no one can hear or understand.

Question 3: How is this product underwritten?

Transamerica Solutions is a simplified issue whole life product. The questions on the cascading appellation are designed for you to provide field underwriting as well as additional script checks and MIB requests that are made before issuance of policies. The product has three options of Preferred, Standard and Modified which fit a wide range of your clients.

Question 4: Do I have access to Legacy Safeguard?

Yes, when you partner with Premier Planning you get full access to Legacy Safeguard's turn-key sales and marketing systems. In addition, you also get to work with our National Marketing Directors who are experts in final expense but who understand Legacy Safeguard better than anyone else.